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Birds "sensed" arrival of severe storms and flew 1,500km to safety

Birds sensed the arrival of a severe storm that would spawn 84 confirmed tornadoes and kill at least 35 people last spring, according to new research.

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United States must grasp opportunity to build sustainable energy system
(Thu 18/12)
The United States is in a strong position to deliver a reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy system, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said today as it released a review of US energy policy. To ... Read more

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Global CO2 emissions hit all-time record high, but growth is slowing
(Wed 17/12)
Global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use and cement production reach a new all-time high last year, according to new analysis.... Read more

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The five major health threats from fracking-related air pollution
(Tue 16/12)
A growing body of evidence shows that people both near and far from oil and gas drilling are exposed to fracking-related air pollution that can cause at least five major types of health impacts, according to a new compre... Read more

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Pesticide levels in food pass latest round of European health checks
(Thu 11/12)
More than 97% of all samples analysed as part of the latest Europe-wide monitoring programme of pesticides in foods contain residue levels that fall within legal limits - with over 54% of samples free from any detectable... Read more