Nationwide study launched to link happiness with environment

by ClickGreen staff. Published Tue 17 Aug 2010 20:45, Last updated: 2010-08-17
UK-wide study to link mood with environment
UK-wide study to link mood with environment

Mappiness, an iPhone app mapping happiness across the UK, has been officially launched at the London School of Economics and Political Science(LSE).

The project will help researchers understand how people's feelings are affected by their immediate environment - including features such as pollution, noise, weather conditions and green space.

The app, which is the first of its kind, pings users daily to ask how they're feeling, and uses satellite positioning(GPS) to discover their location while they answer. Response locations are linked to environmental data, which will be fed into statistical models of wellbeing.

Lead researcher George MacKerron, of LSE's Department of Geography and Environment, said: “Tracking happiness through time alone is an idea with history: in the 19th century economists imagined a 'hedonimeter', a perfect happiness gauge, and psychologists have more recently run small-scale 'experience sampling' studies to see how mood varies with activity, time of day, and so on.

“What's exciting here is the addition of the spatial dimension. By tracking across space as well as time, and by making novel use of a technology that millions of people already carry with them, we hope to find better answers to questions about the impacts of natural beauty, environmental problems -- maybe even aspects of climate -- on individual and national wellbeing.”

Professor Lord Richard Layard, director of the Well-being Programme at LSE's Centre for Economic Performance, said: “Mappiness is a revolutionary research idea. It is the best method so far devised for understanding how people's emotions are affected by the buildings and natural environment in which they move.'

National happiness levels are updated in real-time on the project website,, alongside maps and timelines derived from the response data. App users also get access to personalised charts analysing their own mood in return for taking part.

Mappiness is a free download on Apple's online App Store. The researchers aim to get at least 3,000 people joining in the project. All iPhone owners are invited to take part.

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