UN petition pressures world leaders on climate change

by Stephen Hurrell. Published Fri 28 Aug 2009 10:54, Last updated: 2009-08-28
The Seal the Deal campaign is underway
The Seal the Deal campaign is underway

The UN is gathering public support in a campaign designed to put pressure on global leaders to come to an agreement on climate change in Copenhagen in December.

The Seal the Deal campaign is encouraging people around the world to sign an online petition in support of an agreement in Copenhagen.

The petition will be presented to world leaders when they gather in Denmark before the meeting ends of December 18th.

On the petition, the UN says: “The petition will serve as a reminder that our leaders must negotiate a fair, balanced and effective agreement in Copenhagen, and that they must seal a deal to power green growth, protect our planet and build a more sustainable, prosperous global economy that will benefit all nations and people”

It is just 100 days until the Copenhagen meeting and a number of events are taking place to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing the planet today. Next month the first ever Global Climate Week will be held. The week will begin on September 21st and last until the 25th.

The petition has gained support from the Global Coalition on Climate Action and has even had a song written about it by the group My Excellence.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, has called for people to help publicise energy efficiency by signing the petition.

He stated: "With just 15 negotiating days remaining before the start of COP15, now is the time for people in every corner of the world to urge their governments to seal a fair, effective and ambitious deal in Copenhagen.

"Now more than ever, we need political leadership at the highest level to ensure we protect people and the planet, and to catalyse the green growth that can power the 21st century economy."

The campaign has collected nearly 12,000 signatures since its launch this week and the UN will be hoping for millions more.

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