Weather forecast shows UK heatwave to last until next week

by ClickGreen staff. Published Thu 29 Sep 2011 09:12
Autumn heatwave set to continue
Autumn heatwave set to continue

The UK Met Office says the current hot weather is likely to remain until the middle of next week with temperatures set to climb even higher.

According to forecasters and as expected, many parts of the UK will have warm sunshine for the last few days of September and the start of October with temperatures climbing to nudge 28°C.

Many places can expect unbroken sunshine for the rest of this week, with temperatures well above average for the time of year.

Paul Gundersen, Met Office Deputy Chief Forecaster, said: "Warm southerly winds will bring a spell of fine, sunny autumn weather to most parts of the UK over the next few days. We'll see maximum temperatures around ten degrees above normal for late September reaching 25 to 27 °C typically and possibly even nudging 28 °C on Saturday."

The weather expert explained how the UK is set for unseasonal soaring temperatures: “Over the next few days we are expecting a spell of very warm weather for this time of year across much of England and Wales and even parts of Scotland too. Some people are calling this an Indian Summer, now that’s not technically correct in terms of the classical definition, for that we would expect it to occur a little bit later in the season, more like October, November, but none the less a very warm spell of weather for many of us.

“The reason for that is because of an area of high pressure, which is developing across much of central Europe, centred on Germany and Poland. What that does is that it draws up very warm air from a long way south, from parts of France and Spain even further south then that sometimes.

“That comes across a dry continent so it takes all the moisture out of the air so we see very little in the way of cloud for example so blue sky, sunshine. What that does is that it warms the ground up and the ground warms the air so we see high temperatures for this time of the year.

“I think for a good part of England and Wales, even north-eastern parts of Scotland over the next three or four days, we’ll see maximum temperatures around ten degrees above normal for late September, so say 25°C to 27°C typically, maybe even nudge around 28°C for example on Saturday.

“Not quite the case for everyone though as we go further north west across Scotland and Northern Ireland in particular. Atlantic weather fronts coming in and affecting these areas with some rain at times, also some quite strong winds so spare a thought for those guys up in through there.

“What happens through the next few days is that that frontal zone becomes slow moving across those areas so for much of Scotland, Northern Ireland and down through parts of the Irish Sea we see further spells of rain at times and more in the way of cloud.

“But even as far as Saturday across England and Wales we keep that area of high pressure, warm air coming up from the south, more in the way of sunshine, so remaining very warm for the time of year with highs of 25°C to 28°C.

“How long is it going to last? Well beyond that the forecasts show much cooler air behind this cold front coming in from the Atlantic and during the course of Sunday and Monday it tends to sink southward across more of the UK.

“By Sunday, more of Scotland for example is in the cooler air mass compared to England and Wales which is still warm and dry. So for England and Wales it’s staying very warm through to at least Saturday, possibly Sunday and during the early part of next week.

“This cooler Atlantic air will tend to move across more of the UK so by Monday or Tuesday I think temperatures nearer to normal for this time of year.”

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Comments about Weather forecast shows UK heatwave to last until next week

I took the thermometer into the garden yesterday it read 96 F, I took a picture of it, it was baking hot.
colette spooner, humberside around 4 years ago
its absolutely horrible, it was so hot I could hardly breath this week.
Alison Browning, Wales around 4 years ago

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