Weather experts warn of second huge storm to hit length and breadth of UK

by ClickGreen staff. Published Fri 09 Dec 2011 10:50, Last updated: 2011-12-09
New storm will sweep in on Monday to batter the entire UK
New storm will sweep in on Monday to batter the entire UK

A second hurricane-strength storm is heading for the UK and this time the entire country looks set to suffer.

Forecasters say the next severe storm is now brewing in the North Atlantic and will bring with it cold air, snow and sleet as well as hurricane-strength winds from Monday evening.

They say next week's massive storm will affect the whole of the UK and will last through the whole of Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Weather experts say they cannot officially classify the storms as hurricanes because the severe weather systems have a cold core instead of a warm core, but the wind speeds are the same and they still carry the same destructive power.

Weather expert Tim Ballisty, a meteorologist at, said: “There are two main computer models that we use to forecast the weather and both are showing an intense area of low pressure that will swing in across the North Atlantic on Monday, last all day Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Tim described how the huge weather system will “stall out” over the UK and the forecasts show the area of low pressure, that brings severe winds and rain, will deepen and intensify across the whole of the UK and across to the west coast of France.

He explained: “What is interesting about this next storm is that the huge weather system that slammed into Scotland on Thursday was very constrained, its damage was limited to Scotland.

“However, next week's storm looks likely to cover the whole of the UK, it is tremendously wide and has a much broader scope to it.

“The winds may not be nudging 150mph again but it will certainly produce the same destructive power as Thursday's storm.”

Tim said the forecasts showed the massive storm will arrive late on Monday with heavy rain across most parts of the country, followed by a very cold air mass, which will trigger sleet and snow.

The hurricane-force winds of at least 74mph will last through the whole of Tuesday and into Wednesday.

And Jonathan Powell of Positive Weather Solutions, who accurately warned of the huge scale of Thursday's storm earlier in the week, said they also had picked up the aggressive new storm in the Atlantic.

He told ClickGreen: “This storm will affect the entire nation, Monday will be a complete wash-out and whereas Scotland took the last storm on the chin – this will hit the whole of the country square-on.”

Tim Ballisty explained that while the UK was in the icy grip of the Big Freeze this time last year, this year a change in the upper atmosphere meant the country would be prone to more wild weather and Atlantic storms.

“In 2011, there was what was known as the 'Greenland Block' that virtually created a traffic jam in the atmosphere – the Arctic air that normally progresses from West to East was forced to plunged Southward and created the Big Freeze across much of the northern hemisphere, including the East Coast of the US and much of Europe.

“However this year, there is no 'Greenland Block' so these weather system can freely pass from West to East unobstructed.

“These storms are all part of the seasonal change and look very likely to continue.”

The UK Met Office this afternoon issued a Severe Weather Warning for the South and South West of the UK for Monday and Tuesday, advising of the risk of heavy winds.

The yellow alert is in place between 6pm on Monday evening to 6pm on Tuesday evening.

The advisory states the South and West are at the “greatest risk of very windy weather on Monday evening and during Tuesday which could lead to disruption.

“At this stage there is a good deal of uncertainty and the public are advised to monitor forecasts over the weekend to keep up to date with this warning.

Hurricane-strength winds of more than 75mph are being forecast by Jonathan Powell at Positive Weather Solutions, who warns overnight Monday will be a critical time.

He predicts the massive incoming storm will not pack the same destructive punch as the weather system that crashed through Scotland on Thursday as some of its power will be lost as it crosses Ireland.

However, the huge low area is far wider and is expected to stay across most parts of the UK until Wednesday.

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Comments about Weather experts warn of second huge storm to hit length and breadth of UK

If 920hPa low passed over N. England - catastrophic damage south of the center, sust. 80kt, gusts >120kt. That's stronger than 1703 storm.
nik , santa barbara around 3 years, 10 months ago
The pressure in the centre of Fridays storm could drop as low as 920mb a new record. with sustained wind speed of 90 mph
Shane , Ireland around 3 years, 10 months ago
The Storm that is yet to come is the one on Friday 16th it will be the storm of the year.
Shane, Ireland around 3 years, 10 months ago
what is wind speed going to be is it going to affect telford in shropshire uk will it cause damage
adam, telford uk around 3 years, 10 months ago

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