How to Take Care of your Bath Tubs

by ClickGreen Staff. Published Wed 18 Jul 2012 10:26, Last updated: 2015-06-02

Proper Care for Bathtubs

Emphasis has always been buying and usage of the standard bathtubs or; to be precise, acrylic bathtubs.
Unknowingly, we tend to be oblivious about the fact that the longevity of the bathtubs depends on not only the strong reinforced acrylic body and other structural elements, but also on proper maintenance. Maintenance involves cleaning of the bathtubs, which is equally crucial in determining the long life of the bathtubs. The aesthetic of the bathtubs can sustain in perpetuity, if they are frequently cleaned say like once in a week or in two weeks. Albeit, the frequency of usage will determine the frequency of cleaning; therefore, an individual is advised to schedule the cleaning activity according to the usage, which will also determine the longevity of the gloss and shine on the tubs.

Also, cleaning of the bathtubs doesn’t involve much of investments or expenditure, because the baths don’t need any special cleaner or a professional to do it for you. It’s like cleaning like any other container or utensil at home. Yes, all it requires is a bit of sensitivity and gentility. Further, you don’t need any sophisticated object to clean them with; simply soft objects like sponge would be sufficient, although the tubs are scratch resistant. Ideally, avoid abrasive items like a scrub pad or suchlike.

Cleaning can be initiated with the help of such soft objects, which can follow after a few important things done, like removal of the bath mats, if any, and filling water in the tub up to 1 inch; supposedly, if it is about water scarcity or water conservation, the water level can be kept minimum. Then some good detergent or soap, advisably, without acetates, can be used. Solvents should be avoided as they can be detrimental to the tub for they act as adhesive and paint peelers. It is strongly advised to avoid such hostile agents or cleaning products. Ideally, opt for something much safer like a mild soap, body wash or shampoo. The same process can be used to clean entire bathroom suite as well, However, there are special blades available to clean the glasses of shower enclosures.

Proper scrubbing exercise from top to bottom, that is, the top and sides and the rim areas should be cleaned first; warm water can be a great idea to do the rinsing and cleaning with a cloth. Later, you can move to the lower or the bottom areas of the tub for cleaning and scrubbing.
The next thing to do is, drain the water you’d taken for cleaning, and make sure if everything has been cleaned well, or any place or area is left out and needs a second round of cleaning. If the dirt or grunge or stain is stubborn, you may consider a commercial detergent or dirt remover or cleaner, after ensuring their safety levels and compatibility with acrylics.

Further, you can focus on cleaning the faucets following the same procedure. There’s a possibility that the soap may generate greasy crust or scum, so you can always consider special cleaning liquids. After cleaning with soap proper cleaning and dabbing with a dry cloth is recommended.

The entire process of cleaning a bathtub is comprehensive and simple; all you have to do is bear the most important thing in mind i.e. avoiding abrasive cleaning materials and chemicals. If you avoid them, then the life and newness of the tub can be enjoyed for several years.

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