After 45 days and DECC still waits for first Green Deal application

by ClickGreen staff. Published Thu 15 Nov 2012 11:31
DECC still waits for first Green Deal assessment
DECC still waits for first Green Deal assessment

Energy Minister Greg Barker has confirmed DECC is still awaiting the first consumer assessment six weeks after the soft launch of the Government's flagship Green Deal programme.

It was assumed the first contracts under the energy efficiency programme would be delivered in the New Year but as yet not a single initial-stage assessment has been entered onto the administration computer system.

The Green Deal scheme is supposed to ensure that 14 million homes across the UK are insulated by 2020 and is designed to help homeowners and businesses cut their utility bills by providing long-term finance for energy savings measures.

However, the official October 1 start date was downplayed by the Government and Ministers insisted it was deliberately designed to be a so-called soft launch, with only two companies signed up to be providers – British Gas and Mark Group.

The damp start was bolstered two weeks later when DECC announced that £125m would be made available in cashback discounts to early participants in the scheme.

In a written Parliamentary answer to Shadow Energy Minister Luciana Berger, Mr Barker admitted yesterday: “Green Deal assessments are completed when they have been conducted in the property and the results are lodged on the EPC register, through software developed specifically for occupancy assessments.

“While we understand a number of appointments for the in-property assessments have been made, no assessments have yet been lodged on the register.”

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Comments about After 45 days and DECC still waits for first Green Deal application

this article is extremely misleading as it says there is no interest!! The issue is the software to lodge the reports is not approved yet!!!
annmarie , blomfield around 3 years ago
When the software for assessments is adequate to the taks, then some assessments can be undertaken!!
Tom Fletcher Green Deal Protection, Norfolk around 3 years ago

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