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The ESOS energy data clock is ticking... "remember, remember the 5th of December"

Graham Boret, business development director at High Wycombe-based Optimal Monitoring discusses the opportunities of the upcoming Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), which requires all large businesses in the UK to

The ESOS energy data clock is ticking...
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Foundations urged to use their financial muscle to tackle global warming
(Mon 15/09)
More than 150 leading environmentalists from 44 countries today called on foundations and philanthropists to use endowments worth billions of dollars to turn the tide on global warming.... Read more

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Call for MPs to focus on changing the throwaway society
(Thu 04/09)
A recent report released by the Environmental Audit Committee highlighted the need to end the ‘throwaway society’ we are currently living in and focus on changing behaviour to a more circular approach to hit European... Read more

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New energy saving regulation is an opportunity not a burden
(Thu 14/08)
A new energy saving regulation is a big opportunity which could help businesses identify and implement significant cost savings, says energy consultancy Utilyx.... Read more

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The race is on - which country will be the first to become carbon neutral?
(Fri 11/07)
What does it mean to be ‘smart’? When it comes to energy, the 21st century has introduced a number of ways to address human needs while minding the conservation and maintenance of Earth’s resources. For example, ... Read more