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Green energy in Scotland enough resources, less revenue

Scotland is rich in natural energy resources, has set its targets in advance and is also having proper policies in place for its implementation. Still, there is something that is keeping it from expected green revenues.

Green energy in Scotland  enough resources, less revenue
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Climate forecasts underestimate costs to future generations
(Tue 08/04)
Future generations will have to pay more for today's carbon emissions than what Governments across the world currently understand, according to a group of influential scientists. ... Read more

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Consumer boycotts are vital to halt environmental damage
(Mon 07/04)
An international scientific group has slated the Australian Government’s proposal to ban consumer boycotts of corporations that damage the environment.... Read more

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Engineers "more important" than Governments on climate change
(Wed 02/04)
The incoming president of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), professor Geoff Maitland, is calling on engineers to take a leading role in the battle against climate change, and the transition to low carbon, r... Read more

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Carbon tax freeze will hit job-creating investment in UK green energy
(Fri 28/03)
A leading expert in renewable energy has warned the Government’s freeze on Carbon Tax will hit investment in the sector.... Read more