Top 5 ecological cleaning gadgets

by ClickGreen staff. Published Wed 31 Oct 2012 12:27, Last updated: 2015-08-06
Cleaning the green way
Cleaning the green way

Many cleaning products are wasteful and, in some cases, damaging to the environment. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Every year, more and more ecologically-friendly innovations make it easier to keep your home spotless while remaining completely environmentally friendly.

If you’re an ecologically-minded individual who wants to cut down on waste and pollution, here are five gadgets to get you going.

Steam cleaner

Cleaning sofa covers and curtains is extremely difficult, with many people making use of dry cleaners to get the job done. Dry cleaners often use damaging chemicals and environmentally unsound techniques to get things clean - putting possessions at risk and washing chemicals down drains. So it’s always advised that you do it yourself using a steam cleaner. These kill 99% of bacteria and are chemical free.


As with many old wives’ tales, everything your grandmother told you about the magical cleaning properties of vinegar is true. Our kitchen cupboards can become over-stocked with chemical-based cleaners designed to do one job, and one job only, but many of them could be replaced by a bit of vinegar. From cleaning your windows to tackling dirty pots and pans, carpet stains or the residual smell of onion on your hands, the power of vinegar will surprise you.

Washing Line cover

Drying clothes in a dryer is far from ecological and hanging things up in the home during the winter is far from convenient. The best method to dry clothes is to harness the power of Mother Nature, but that’s not always possible in the rainy UK. There is, however, a solution: washing line covers. These clever devices ensure that all your washing remains dry (even from sideways rain) and can be easily fitted onto existing rotary airers. If you factor in the saved energy bills, this cover could pay for itself in months!


Cleaning hard-to-remove stains often requires specific cleaning products; however, these nifty cleaning cloths are proven to remove even the toughest stains with only the aid of water. Making use of microfibre technology, these cloths are capable of cleaning grime, lime scale and any other kind of dirt you can think of. Washable over 300 times, these cloths are extremely durable and eco-friendly, a must for a green household.

Eco drain unblocker
Many drain unblockers contain highly acidic chemicals that damage your pipes as well as the environment. There are a number of different drain unblockers on the market that can do this without harmful chemicals. Using enzymes similar to the ones found in your stomach, these drain unblockers are capable of breaking down all manner of materials without any damage to the environment whatsoever.

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