Company cars are becoming greener

by ClickGreen staff. Published Mon 05 Nov 2012 13:52, Last updated: 2012-11-12
Lightening the load on company car fleets
Lightening the load on company car fleets

By becoming more environmentally friendly and responsible, your company can significantly increase sales and reduce costs. Indeed, many companies are focussing on greener vehicles for their fleets and deliveries.

Green benefits

The company car scheme is a common workplace benefit, with many employees in the UK and beyond jumping at the chance to arrange a car, or an allowance for one, through work. The popularity is highlighted by the rising instances of people taking a hit on salary in exchange for a car (SS4C – salary sacrifice for car – schemes) where the only extra they have to pay is for fuel.

While greener cars have escaped certain tax burdens, regular fleet cars are becoming more expensive to own thanks to directives against pollution. It is therefore no surprise that tax-efficient more environmentally-friendly cars are proving notably popular.

Can you follow suit?

There are more ways of going green than providing green car schemes. Here are some pointers.

Go easy on the pedal

It’s not impossible to make sure your employees drive in a certain manner – nor should you, really – but that doesn’t mean you can’t let them know about how to drive in a greener fashion.

One thing to point out is that it’s better for the car to drive in a smooth fashion. Driving aggressively by speeding and then rapidly braking can significantly lower your petrol mileage by anything up to 33%, effectively wasting petrol and money.

Lighten the load

Another way to increase your company cars’ efficiency levels is to remove any excess weight, so if you are keeping unnecessary items in the back such as golf clubs or old brochures from last month’s exhibition, this could result in a considerable waste of petrol.

If you have a roof rack, then it’s advisable to remove it as it messes with your car’s aerodynamics, increasing drag and reducing efficiency.

Change Your Air Filter

Changing your company cars’ filter systems could noticeably prevent dirt and other foreign matter from entering the vehicle’s engines, causing mechanical wear and tear, and damaging your car’s performance. Regularly replacing your air filter can help you save up to 30p per gallon.

Use fuel cards

Allstar offer users access to the country’s largest fuel network – 8,000 petrol stations covering all the major brands, including motorway service stations and the supermarkets – which means they don’t have to deviate from their standard routes just to fill up on petrol.

But that’s not where fuel cards’ environmental credentials end. They do away with drivers submitting complicated expense forms on paper, and the information they provide can help you build up a picture of your driver’s habits, the routes regularly taken and, critically the miles-per-gallon data of your company’s vehicles. All of that data can help you manage your fleet better, and greener.

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