Cut Energy Costs With Cavity Wall Insulation

by ClickGreen staff. Published Wed 29 Jan 2014 13:32
Reduced heat loss through walls makes homes warmer and lowers central heating costs
Reduced heat loss through walls makes homes warmer and lowers central heating costs

The UK Government recently launched their Green Deal initiative in a bid to cut carbon emissions among UK domestic households. A central component of their plan was advisors who would recommend measures to make homes more energy efficient.

Preventing heat loss through home insulation is a key energy efficiency measure. These measures can include insulating your loft, external wall and cavity wall insulation including hard to reach cavitiy walls, as over 5m homes are counted in this category.

Taking cavity wall insulation as an example of how insulation can curb heat loss, as much as 60% heat loss through walls can be prevented.

This would not only reduce carbon emissions from the home, but also serves to reduce energy bill costs a total of £140 a year off bills according to the Energy Savings Trust.

Indeed, the Green Deal scheme is precisely structured around this premise, namely home owners will be lent money which will match the money they will save on energy bills; what’s known as the green deal’s golden rule. As the name implies, cavity wall insulation entails filling the air space inside walls, i.e. the gap between an external and internal wall.

Not all homes have such spaces: they tend to be properties built between the 1920s and 1970s when insulation started being added into the cavities on build, which became compulsory for all properties in the 1990s.

Fibrous materials such as glass wool are blown into the cavities through small homes until the entire space is insulated.

The reduced heat loss through the walls then makes homes warmer and reduces temperature levels required from central heating.

Due to the Government’s commitment to cut domestic carbon emissions and insulation considered a green upgrade to your home, along with the Green Deal, there’s a plethora of grants and discount available for such insulation work. Anyone based in the midlands, for example, can talk to a company called Wellwarm, who will offer advice on what insulation grants will be available for all types of insulation work.

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Photograph is of a solid wall not a cavity wall. EST also say it prevents 35% heat loss but they are about to downgrade their estimates.
Paul, Newcastle around 1 year, 10 months ago

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