Research reveals predicted electric car boom at UK hot spot cities

by ClickGreen staff. Published Thu 22 Nov 2012 11:27

New research released today by British Gas reveals a predicted boom in the take up of electric cars in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Epsom and Brighton.

The study, which draws on Mosaic consumer classification data and references Green Segments insights from Experian, the global information services company, found that London’s East End is set to see a big boom in electric cars; with nearly 1 in 6 – over 36,000 – Stratford residents likely to buy one.

And with the recent regeneration of the area resulting in the development of a number of new eco homes, the electric car would certainly fit right in.

The new research identifies an emerging trend for electric cars in areas across the UK. It analysed the most likely types of people to buy an electric car, and then mapped out where in the UK these people live. The top five towns or cities likely to see an electric car boom are:

1: London

2: Glasgow

3: Edinburgh

4: Epsom

5: Brighton

British Gas is at the forefront of supporting this innovation. It is helping to make electric cars more accessible to more people by making them simple, quick, easy and safe to run through specialist advice and the installation of home charging points.

Dan Taylor, Director of New Ventures at British Gas said: “Electric cars are a safe and more environmentally friendly way of getting from A to B and there are now more ranges on the market, a developing infrastructure and increase in charging point availability. Our new research shows that driving an electric car can fit into a wide variety of lifestyles, so it’s no surprise to see a predicted rise in people embracing the technology and seeing the electric car as an increasingly viable option.”

Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Data and Analytics at Experian Marketing Services said: “Our research shows that electric cars could soon be commonplace on the UK’s roads and suggests and shift in trends among UK consumers. Interestingly, the typologies of a typical electric car owner vary and can be quite surprising, particularly for those consumers who are reluctant to change other environmentally impactful behaviour.”

Experts predict that by 2020, electric vehicles could account for approximately ten percent of all cars sold in the UK. This equates to roughly 1.2 million UK households owning an electric vehicle.

British Gas is the preferred supplier of home charging units for the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, the new Zero Emissions range of Renault EVs, Toyota’s new Prius Plug-in Hybrid, the Vauxhall Ampera, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Hitachi Capital’s EV lease offering, in the UK. These deals mean British Gas is on track to be the largest supplier of car charging points in Britain’s homes, supporting 70% of the domestic market this year.

Experian’s Green Segments classification categorises all UK consumers into types based on their awareness, behaviour and attitude towards ‘green’ issues, climate change and the environment. These types have been analysed to identify their likelihood of buying an electric car, and then their location in the UK identified.

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